who am i?

"No one, I think, is in my tree.  I mean it must be high or low." 
- John Lennon via The Beatles, Strawberry Fields

I am human. I am woman. I am dynamic. I, on the most part, enjoy a good bit of isolation and solitude, although, I can be a very social creature when the mood strikes, on the opposite side of the spectrum. I'm an extroverted introvert...or an introverted extrovert? An ambivert, most likely. I'm somewhat of a recluse. I like to ponder. I like to muse. One woman's chaos is another woman's order; I am continually seeking the order in my chaos, the method to my madness. I'm attempting to bring order to my disorder. I am what you could call a Renaissance woman.; I have so many dreams that I make myself mad. I have been known to be a writer; a blogger; a musician; a songwriter; a seamstress; a photographer; a graphic artist; a screen printer; an entrepreneur. I am also a notorious underachiever and self-saboteur; I always say that if I applied myself, I'd be dangerous. I am interested in and intrigued by synchronicity. I view things through a lens of symbolism. I respect the subconscious and find dreams informative and fascinating. Life's intricacies and the mere wonders of the universe astound and intrigue me...no shit. I have a very high respect for life in all of its forms. Simply, I'm very grateful to have the privilege to be here on this rock...I feel it is a privilege, sadly one that is abused and taken for granted too often in today's world. You won the Life Lottery; be grateful!

I play the acoustic guitar and do some songwriting. I am currently working on recording my first album of originals entitled Lotus. I hope to get that done this year. That's a huge goal and I think I will feel a lot better when that project is done. I have videos of a few I have written as well as a bunch of covers up on YouTube. I have been tracking my progress as I learned to play. I add things occasionally. Missie Sue, is my name. Check out my videos!

I am a stay-at-home-mother of one and I also run a small home business, Drifting Sun. I do screen printing services and print my own designs; my own "brand" of novelty tees, folk attire and accessories. I handcraft purses, pants, and things, I also screen print tees, tanks, and sweatshirts. I specialize in low run orders, for small businesses, clubs, and organizations, etc. I'm currently, after a long hiatus, trying to get back into the swing of things and sell off a bit of my leftover inventory. I want to focus on my own designs and concept more. I plan on getting the .com back up and running and listing things on etsy ASAP! Check us out! MAKE REALITY UNREAL AGAIN! Do art.  

I will use this blog to express myself creatively in random ways and record my progress in all aspects of my life. I post mostly poems, prose, lyrics, book reviews, reviews of things, products, concerts and events, photography, random thoughts and musings. I plan on breaking into the fun world of podcasting in the near future. On Musing Through with Missie Sue I would, in theory, talk to myself mostly but also muse from time to time with others on random topics. I'm just a fellow life-liver and this is my log. If ya dig it, feel free to follow me.