Photography - I'm currently setting up my Flickr account to start sharing my photography. I received a BA in Integrative Art from Penn State in 2003, mixing graphic design and photography. I've been interested in photography since I was a child and love to snap shots wherever I go. Who doesn't? Everyone who is anyone and their mother is a photographer these days, which is what stopped me from establishing my own photography business but I do really enjoy it as a hobby and would like to possibly do it professionally one day. I recently captured a lot of good photos in South Korea that I can't wait to explore, and I have also recently done some portraits for people. I took both of my sister's high school portraits as well, in the past. I love to edit photos, too. I'm a total graphic design nerd. I just got my first SLR camera since my Canon Rebel died in Puerto Rico in 2004 when it got splashed with salt water. I got a Nikon D5500 in red, and I call her Scarlet. I am currently just getting to know her and thoroughly explore photography again. I'm getting reacquainted and have enjoyed doing that with Scarlet since I got her. I look forward to our explorations.

Watercolor - I intend on doing the cover of my album Lotus in a watercolor image, which is a great excuse and opportunity to help me get back into painting again. Mostly I watercolor with Celie these days but I used to explore a bit on my own a few years back. I recently took a watercolour workshop at The Liddle Gallery by a wonderful local artist which was very informative and a lot of fun.

Oils -  I haven't played with oils in years. I long to get back into it and finish a few paintings that I started in 2012. It's hard with a youngster.

Zentangle - I discovered Zentangle in 2012 and have really enjoyed it. It's like doodling but also completely not. It's a form of meditative art, not unlike mandala making and adult coloring. It's drawing repetitive patterns and shapes on a square of Bristol board with certain markers. It can be quite fun and I like to play around with it on occasion.

Stitchery - I have been known to stitch and craft. I used to sew a lot more, and am hoping to get back into it. I have made quilts, and patchwork pants, panel pants, skirts, dresses, purses and handbags. I still have a lot of these items left and plan on finishing up a lot of half done projects to sell. Check out Drifting Sun if you're interested in my handcrafts!

Screen-Printing - I design my own brand of novelty prints. I am a self-taught screen printer and have applied my graphic design background to creating my own garment designs for Drifting Sun. I have a portfolio of designs I have done for other clients, also. Check out Drifting Sun to buy my original prints and designs!

Graphic/Web Design - I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to graphics. I love Photoshop and could play on it for hours. I also have dabbled in web design in my time and do most of the layouts and designs for the pages that I run and have done freelance web design in the past. I took classes in graphic design in college but my skills in web design are self-taught.

Music - I have been playing the acoustic guitar for around 12 years now and I am currently attempting to learn to play the piano. My modest guitar skills are self-taught, but I opted for lessons when I decided to tackle the piano. I have had maybe 10 months of lessons in the past 3 years from a friend of mine that lives locally, she has been playing since around the age of 7-10 something like that? I've slacked off, but I am not giving up. I've already composed my first song on the piano, so I know I'm going to continue with it, but learning music is like learning an entire language, so it's slow moving. I plan to stick with it, though. I have wanted to play since I was a little girl, so this pursuit is a huge gift to the Inner Child. I want to give her a voice. I just opened a Soundcloud account to track progress, list demos, and store my podcasts. I'm going to be recording my first album, Lotus, very soon, also, which is all on acoustic guitar.

Songwriting - I wrote my first song on the guitar on October 9th, 2006. I know because I'm weird like that, and it was also John Lennon's birthday, coincidentally. It was actually my first complete song, there were a few starts and stops before that and I also composed a tiny ditty about my baby sister when I was a wee girl. So I guess I've been making things up for awhile. I also used to write parodies of popular songs for fun as a tween. Short stories and the like. That grew into attempts at novel writing, and poetry. Ahh, poetry. And that ultimately led to songwriting. I guess I'm a poet at heart. It's really a gateway writing style. Ha!

Poetry - Like I said, I'm a poet at heart. I guess it started there, because rhyming is just fun! I have a thing for haikus and like to play around with them a lot. I also love odes and compose them a lot and sonnets. Many of my poems end up being lyrics and turn into songs. Many of my poems, I feel, are only poems. I don't intend them to be anything else. Everything isn't a song. I need different forms.

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